Survivors of the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Shared their Stories after Seeing a Movie Based on Captain Sully

Survivors of the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ shared their stories and miraculous experience as they watch the movie ‘Sully’. Sully is based on the story of Capt. Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger and stars Tom Hanks. The stories of the survivors really showed how thankful and what a hero Capt. Sully is. (more…)

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Entire Student Body sing ‘Holy Spirit’ for their Teacher that’s Battling Cancer

Ben Ellis, a teacher in Nashville, Tennessee, is currently battling against cancer. Knowing how difficult his battle is, the entire student body of the school he was teaching sang ‘Holy Spirit’ just outside his window. The reaction on Ben’s face upon seeing this amazing event will bring tears to your eyes. Hang on and do […]

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cat find

Little Girl’s Reaction After Her Reunion with Her Long Lost Cat Will Put a Smile in Your Face

Claudia lost her cat three years ago. She accepted the fact that she’ll never find her cat again despite her young age. Fortunately, her long lost cat was found safe and sound and was reunited with Claudia. Watching Claudia’s reaction after being reunited with her cat will definitely put a smile on your face. (more…)

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Dad Can Only Donate a Part of His Liver to One of His Twins When a Stranger Offered to Donate His to the Other

Bhin and Phuoc Wagner were orphans adopted from a Vietnamese orphanage by a Canadian family. However, they became very sick to the point that they’re in dire need of transplant. Their adoptive father was found to be a perfect match but can only donate a piece of his liver to only one of the twins. […]

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