Dad Can Only Donate a Part of His Liver to One of His Twins When a Stranger Offered to Donate His to the Other

Bhin and Phuoc Wagner were orphans adopted from a Vietnamese orphanage by a Canadian family. However, they became very sick to the point that they’re in dire need of transplant. Their adoptive father was found to be a perfect match but can only donate a piece of his liver to only one of the twins. […]

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football player

Football Players Helped a Grandma Save Her Grandson Trapped Inside Her Car

Teresa Gall, a grandmother, panicked when she accidentally locked her car with the keys and her grandson, Liam Snook, inside. She tried everything she can to save her grandson but to no success. Fortunately, Missouri Western football players Jack Long and Shane Simpson were driving and saw the panicking grandma. They helped her and broke […]

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He Caught this Mailman Visiting His Yard Everyday. The Reason Will Leave a Smile on Your Face

They say that a mailman’s worst enemy are dogs. But the relationship between this mailman and a GSD is different. Every single day, either there’s a delivery or not, this unknown mailman always drops by at Michael Collin’s house to play with his dog. The snuggles and love the mailman and dog have will definitely […]

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He’s Handing Out Tickets for Traffic Violation but No One’s Complaining About Him

Being a law enforcer is a tough job. There are cases that though you’re in the right, the people whom you’re reminding that they’re in wrong will complain about you. However, Police Officer Elton Simmons begs to differ. He has given out traffic violation tickets but the most amazing thing is that he never received […]

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There’s Something Peculiar with this Cheerleader that Inspired the Hearts of Many

Being a cheerleader is tough but an enjoyable thing. Specially for Debbie Stark, a girl with cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. However, with the encouragement of her teammates along with her determination, they managed to win the first place at the NSW All Star Battle Cheer Edition competition. Trust me, her performance […]

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